Freight loadboard has become the mainstay of the transportation industry. These have been popular with the industry for the past fifteen years or more. They have been popular for helping a wide number of companies participating in the “open” freight market. They would help them connect with each other through the Internet. It would be pertinent to mention here that the open freight market would be all the freight loads that would be covered by freight carriers that may not be under any kind of long-term contract. It would be the biggest segment of the truckload freight industry with approximately 80% of trucking companies encompassing fewer than 20 trucks. It would not be wrong to suggest that the open freight market would be here for several years to come. Nonetheless, the freight load boards may not be able to last that long.

Scenario before the existence of freight boards

Prior to freight load boards came into existence, the shippers or freight brokers who worked for shippers were required to call the freight carriers directly for providing truck capacity for hauling the freight loads. The freight broker would value the relationship of the shipper with certified quality carriers. They would have the ability to quickly source available carriers for hauling the loads. After the internet took over, freight load boards followed soon. They have been known to allow the freight broker with a greater reach for publishing information on the kinds of loads they would try to cover across the internet. Carriers having contracts for freight while travelling to a state where they may not have customers would easily search for available freight in that respective state while going back to the base state.

Great step for industry

When freight load boards were introduced, they became the future for the industry. The enabled quicker communication about the spot market than they had ever before. Nonetheless, with web technologies advancing over the past decade, freight load boards have done slightly to improve their services or even their platforms for taking benefits of latest technology. It encompasses several features such as communication, document storage and social networking between users along with load progress updates. These would be either non-existent or mediocre. A majority of websites may not have changed their user screens for the past ten years. However, a majority of them have paid websites appearing the same. In the coming future, there would be other websites claiming to combine several features found in other web platforms having the main feature for loading the search.

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